Accounting & Taxation

Accounting service includes bookkeeping, financial reporting, accounting staff training, issuance of invoice, bill collection, facilitating of payment, etc. All our accounting services are provided by qualified accountants and supervised by CPA (certified public accountants). Our accountants are licensed to sign off your company's accounts.


Generally, we train your staff to keep proper documentation for accounting and tax purposes. We handle the accounting data entry and tax returns filing, e.g. VAT, WHT, Mid-year/annual income tax .


In addition to fiscal reports, the following monthly management/financial reports are provided:

·      Statement of Financial Position (Details of Assets, Liabilities and Shareholder's Equity)

·      Statement of Profit & Loss (Details of Revenues and Expenses) or Statement of Job Order Profit & Loss

·      Bank account reconciliation

·      Aged Accounts Receivable Report

·      Aged Accounts Payable Report

·      Details of Fixed Assets and Depreciation


 We will also advise on your accounting and tax matters by phone/fax/email.


 During tax audit by authority, we take care and help to minimize tax burden.